Around the Buoy

Around the Buoy

Around the Buoy, a podcast that centers on people who live, work and play on the water.

April 20, 2024

Ep.86: Wreck Diving with Eric Takakjian

Wreck diving is a perfect mix of maritime history and ocean exploration and that is why we at ATB are fascinated with the subject. For the past five decades, Eric Takajian has been diving on deepest and most infamous wrecks in the world and at the same time discovering over seventy of history’s most notorious lost ships. From German U-Boats to ocean liners, if it sank on the East Coast of the United States, chances are Eric has dove to find them. Join us as we talk with Eric about the exhilaration and dangers of a sport that has evolved from a niche hobby into a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced endeavor.

March 01, 2024

Ep.85: Sara Stone

The America’s Cup has always been about pushing yacht design to the limit and embracing changes to keep the sport relevant for future sailors. But over the past 153 years, the teams have been predominantly filled with male crews with opportunities few and far between for female sailors to compete. In a move to change that, the organizers of the 37th America’s Cup have opened the door to the world’s best female sailors with the inaugural Puig Woman’s America’s Cup, a regatta to be sailed in the run up to New Zealand’s defense later on this fall in Barcelona. Late last year, our guest Sara Stone, was announced as a member of the first NYYC American Magic Woman’s team but there has been little...

February 01, 2024

Ep.84: Must Be Nice Lobster

The expression, “Must Be Nice” is often a dig towards someone else's perceived luck or easy road to success. Whoa, you vacationed in Aspen... MUST BE NICE! Today's guest, Sadie Samuels, might single-handedly change that phrase's definition. Starting at the age of 7, Sadie has made her own luck with an unstoppable drive to catch lobsters. Now with a few seasons under her belt and a few traps over the rail, Sadie's love for lobstering has grown into not only running her own boat, but also owning and operating her own restaurant in Belfast, Maine; both of which are proudly named, Must Be Nice.   Take a listen as we meet Sadie and learn the ups and downs of lobstering DownEast.    

January 02, 2024

EP. 83: Shaw & Tenney

Shaw & Tenney has been supplying traditional, heirloom quality oars and paddles since 1858. As the second oldest manufacturer of marine products in the U.S., little has changed over those 165 years. In fact, the company has only been owned by three families until this summer when Neil Gutekunst took the reins. A Marine Corps veteran, Neil is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and we talk to him about all things Maine, paddling and most importantly craftsmanship. Listen in!

November 23, 2023

EP. 82: Flying Boat Film

With the dawn of the iconic flying boat, Trans-Pacific travel that once measured in weeks by ship could be accomplished in only days. These island-hopping aircraft were passports to worlds that were once only seen in books. Travel is different these days, but there are a handful of dedicated aviators who are keeping that dream alive and their stories are featured in the beautiful film, Flying Boat. Join us as we sit down with the film’s director, Dirk Brawn, to talk about these magnificent machines & their extraordinary pilots.  

November 01, 2023

EP. 81: Liz Wardley

Liz Wardly has done everything in the world of sailing: World Championships, The Fastnet, Sydney to Hobart and four editions of The Ocean Race. So, what is she doing lining up at the start line of the Atlantic Challenge, the 3000 mile row from The Canary Islands to Antigua? We caught up with Liz in between training rows and prepping for the race to talk about her sailing career and how she is getting ready for her solo row across the Atlantic. Spoiler alert, she is a badass. Take a listen!