November 23, 202353:4173.78 MB

EP. 82: Flying Boat Film

With the dawn of the iconic flying boat, Trans-Pacific travel that once measured in weeks by ship could be accomplished in only days. These island-hopping aircraft were passports to worlds that were once only seen in books. Travel is different these days, but there are a handful of dedicated aviators who are keeping that dream alive and their stories are featured in the beautiful film, Flying Boat. Join us as we sit...

November 01, 202357:2979 MB

EP. 81: Liz Wardley

Liz Wardly has done everything in the world of sailing: World Championships, The Fastnet, Sydney to Hobart and four editions of The Ocean Race. So, what is she doing lining up at the start line of the Atlantic Challenge, the 3000 mile row from The Canary Islands to Antigua? We caught up with Liz in between training rows and prepping for the race to talk about her sailing career and how she is getting ready for her s...

October 17, 202302:533.96 MB

ATB Podcast Update: We're Back!

After a quick summer break, ATB returned to the studio to find our show was removed from Apple Podcasts. A couple frantic weeks later, we're back and better than ever! Listen here for the whole story. In case you missed it, check out our latest episode, Ep. 80: Life on Sweet Day.

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EP. 80: Life on Sweet Day

The year 2020 was all about pivoting. Almost overnight, we went from leaving the house for work, school and socializing to working, learning and socializing from home via phone calls and video chats. As the world started to open again, many people took the opportunity to cast off from shore and find a new adventure after being cooped up for so long. Our guests today, Kate & Tim Carney, found their adventure on the G...

July 03, 2023
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Ep. 79: The Cutty Sark: The Last of the Great Tea Clipper Ships

“When can you get it there”? From overnight shipping to delivering goods in the days of sail, anyone who has shipped anything has asked this question. The Cutty Sark was designed for speed, to deliver materials from all over the globe back to London as fast as possible. Built in 1869, she represented the pinnacle of shipbuilding and success on the high seas. In this episode we are joined by the curator of the Cutty ...

May 01, 2023
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Ep 78: Fight Oar Die - Rescue at Sea

Each year, rowers set off from The Canary Islands as a part of the Talisker Atlantic Challenge, a 3000nm race to Antigua. Each team knows that they will be pushed both physically and mentally to the breaking point, but it was inconceivable what was in store for the members of the all-veteran team, Fight Oar Die. Sixteen days in, their boat was flipped in a raging storm and they are forced into their life raft. Team ...